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Never Hungry Community Gardens

We are a non-profit organization that aims to address food insecurity and promote healthier lifestyles by providing a large community garden in Shelby County, offering 240 individual plots, and to bridge the gap when access to fresh produce is unavailable or limited for many. Nestled in Shelby County, our garden serves as a green haven, fostering connections among neighbors and cultivating a shared passion for sustainable living.

We Are A Nonprofit Community Garden

Our vision is to promote healthier lifestyles through access to personally-grown fresh vegetables and fruits, provide avenues for family activities, build stronger communities through outreach, and provide opportunities for learning and relieving stress.


Setting up success by providing the necessary space, seeds, gardening tools, and education.

Gardening Education

Instructional education and tips provided to new and seasoned gardeners prior to planting, periodically, and upon request of the gardeners.

Community Outreach

Continuous outreach through dedication of plots for Shelby County Schools, homeless shelters, Veteran's Associations, and other community affiliates.

Our Passion

Through our efforts, we will not only provide access to fresh, locally grown produce, but also educate and engage individuals in sustainable practices creating a lasting impact on both the environment and the well-being of our community.
Never Hungry Community Gardens serves as a vibrant hub where individuals of all ages come together to sow seeds of friendship and harvest the joys of collective growth.


Stay up to date on our family events which are always full of fun, food, and education!

Our Services

Our Services include: Individual plot (12 ft by 15 ft) and plot securement,Variety of seeds, Basic gardening tools and onsite tool storage, Onsite child care, and much more...

Give Today

When you donate to our organization, you help grow a thriving community, bountiful gardens, and provide nourishment to those facing food insecurity.

Operational Guidelines

Each gardener (one per household) will be provided a 12 ft x 15 ft area for gardening the product of your choice with specified exceptions, plot securement, basic gardening tools, seeds, gardening education, and watering service.